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Hey, I recognize that red shirt and trophy, and it’s Sunday as well, must be Tiger Woods!  After taking 3 weeks off after the Masters Tiger has come back better than ever beating the strongest field since the Masters including 27 of the top 30 players in the world.  The tournament fielded some of the best shots of the season including some of the worst.  Three players scored eagles on par 4s including Vijay Singh, Arron Oberholser, and Rory Sabbatini.  For a while during the tournament Vijay looked strong as well as Rory (64 on Saturday), but they were not able to follow it up with a strong round once they got paired with Tiger.  This shows how the man is not only unbeatable but unplayable in competition, hence his 57th win.  That is ironic because on his front nine this past Sunday he eagled one of the par 5’s from 57 feet away, this was his reaction…




Even after taking 3 weeks off, Tiger was clearly the favorite to win this tournament.  I watched pretty much all of Tiger’s play this past weekend and I honestly do not think I have seen him in such great form in a while.  At the Masters he seemed to miss hit a lot of his short shots which we all know are the most critical shots in the game.  There are many reasons why Tiger didn’t play as well as he could have at the Masters but it is what it is and we don’t need to get into that.  It is true however that Tiger gives every tournament his all, especially the majors.  Next week is The Players at the TPC at Sawgrass where all the top players in the world will be playing once again.  Many call The Players the 5th major, which makes sense because it has the field of a major as well as the course difficulty.  Can’t wait it should be a good one!


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Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan


These two, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are probably the most well known athletes on the planet.  They will be teeing it up together early Wednesday morning at the Wachovia Championship Pro-Am.  Woods and Jordan have played golf together many times but never in an organized tournament or Pro-Am.  Tiger is playing in his first tournament since finishing second at the Masters Tournament 3 weeks ago.  This weekend’s tournament is one of the biggest on tour that isn’t a major; it always attracts the top golfers in the world annually.  This tournament is one of the few that Tiger has never won.  The following is a video comparison of these two unbelievable athletes…

Director of sponsorships and alliances of Wachovia, Dan Fleishman had this to say about the two…

“Wachovia and the Wachovia Championship wanted to bring these two great athletes together to give the patrons at the Wachovia Championship an opportunity to see something special.  Certainly, Michael and Tiger are good friends and have played a lot of personal golf together. But we are grateful they agreed to compete in the pro-am together this year.”

The fact that Woods and Jordan are playing together on Wednesday is huge.  It is a huge thing for golf that is.  Not only does Tiger attract huge crowds, but Tiger with Jordan?  That is ridiculous!  The two athletes basically own Nike considering their endorsement deals they have or have had.  The only thing about them playing together that irritates me is that the Pro-Am is not televised!  The only way to see the two of them play is to actually be there.  Maybe I’ll get a flight down on Tuesday night, I don’t know yet haha.  I think I’ll just stick to the few pictures that may be up later this week.

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