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First of all I would like to apologize for my 2 week lapse, I have taken some time to go camping and so other things while home a short period of time.  Well to update you there have been two tournaments since The Players; The Colonial and The AT&T Classic.  Rory Sabbatini won The Colonial backing up his words about Tiger at The Players, and Zach Johnson won the AT&T Classic two weeks ago to back up his win at The Masters earlier this year.  Neither of these tournaments had a lot of big time players but what made them exciting was they were both finished in playoffs which is always fun.  Well enough with the past, this man is back this coming weekend… 


This start at the Memorial will be Tiger’s first since The Players Championship.  Meanwhile Tiger has hosted his annual “Tiger Jam” where he had Bon Jovi as the lead band.  But coming back to the golf side of things, we have heard words from Mr. Sabbatini claiming that he will win the rest of the 3 majors of the season to create his very own “Sabbatini-slam

“I’m looking forward to winning all three of them.  I think my biggest downfall in the past has been that I didn’t believe I could do it.” 

These are many reasons why this is completely inappropriate but the most important one is because he is directing it at Tiger.  Even though he isn’t saying it directly to him, but who is the one in the end he will have to be in those tournament, the man’s name is Tiger Woods.  Now Tiger hasn’t said anything back to him yet, that’s probably because he doesn’t have to, he has already beaten him on the golf course and is bound to do it again.  No matter what happens though I think the fact that players are actually speaking up in a sport that many could consider to be extremely dry makes me want to pay attention and watch more than ever, it’s great for the sport.  These next 3 weeks are bound to be very interesting including the US Open.  I have plans to attend The Travelers Championship in Connecticut the week after the US Open that may include the winner of the US Open. 


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